The REES Theatre reopens after 13 years with ‘REES for the stars’

PLYMOUTH, Ind. (WNDU) – The REES Theatre is reopening for the first time in 13 years.

“The theatre closed in 2009, December 22nd with a showing of Old Dogs, right before Christmas,” says Randy Danielson, Co-Chair of the REES Project Committee.

Kicking off a week of ‘REES for the Stars’ events, on Saturday, October 1st, a trumpet challenge is being held to try to break a world record.

“We are gathering as many trumpeters in one area to actually play two songs with Denver Bierman and the Mile High Orchestra,” says Jim Hartung, a board member with The REES.

Over 100 trumpeters are already expected and any and all trumpeters are welcome and invited to play two Denver Bierman songs before he and the Mile High Orchestra perform at River Park behind the theatre. Showing just how versatile the new REES can be.

“We knew it had to be a multi-function event center, it couldn’t just hold movies anymore like it used to,” Hartung says, adding that the theatre can now host any event that will fit in the venue.

“We redid the entire inside. We gutted all the chairs. Tried to recycle as much as we could, says Donna Ponties, Co-Chair of the REES Project Committee.

Like the film roll tables made from the old wooden beams in the original theater and keeping the original concession stand, that will now have a full service bar.

“The community needed it. It’s catalyst for good things to happen. Things have already happened just because of the announcement of it over the last five and a half years,” says Danielson.

Adding that just since last fall, 8 new businesses have come to the area and new apartment complexes as well.

The REES Project Committee has done their best job to ensure that the REES lives up to its legacy. Especially with it’s technology.

“And that is not projection. It’s 4k technology. So, it’s like one big TV that’s 20 foot by 15 foot and I think people will enjoy seeing movies here again,” Danielson says.

For details on the trumpet challenge and all of the ‘REES for the Stars’ events, click here.

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