Ladies, Ready to Start Your Own Business? Check Out These 10 Small Business Ideas!

If you’ve ever wanted to own your own business, but don’t know where to start, this list of 10 small business ideas for ladies will help you find the perfect one. From homemade crafts to online stores, we’ve got you covered with these great startup ideas to get you on the path towards success! Of course, no matter what business idea you choose, it’s always good to have an expert second opinion from someone who has already done it before, so make sure to seek advice from a trusted mentor or advisor before choosing the right business venture!

1) Personal chef services

Whether you’re a cook yourself or looking for a little extra income on nights and weekends, becoming a personal chef can be a fun and fulfilling way to start your own business. You’ll need strong cooking skills and plenty of positive attitude—as well as some form of vehicle in which to travel—but if that sounds like you, read on!

10 Small Business Ideas

2) Virtual assistant services

One of my favorites, because I’ve done it myself. It’s a huge industry and almost entirely unregulated. You can find local clients on websites like Craigslist and Airtasker. If you want to scale things out, you can use Upwork or find jobs on PeoplePerHour (which I’ve never tried). You don’t need a degree or special skills—just put in some time and hustle.

3) Event planning

Planning and hosting a party may seem like a one-off endeavor. But if you’re good at planning events—especially parties with specific themes—you can build a business out of it. While there is plenty of competition in this market, you can stand out by bringing some unique ideas to your events. For instance, some event planners focus on developing creative and themed birthday parties for kids.

4) Wedding planning

Weddings are expensive—according to Brides Magazine , a traditional wedding costs an average of $35,000. But for every single bride who says her most memorable moment was walking down the aisle, there’s another who wishes she could just walk away from it all—the planning process can be stressful and frustrating, especially if you’re a perfectionist.

5) Pet sitting

If you love animals, then starting a pet-sitting business might be a great idea. According to some estimates, almost 20 percent of households have pets. This is quite a large percentage of potential clients—and there’s money in it. Pet owners are willing and happy to pay extra for peace of mind while they go out on vacation or run errands.

6) Personal shopping

You’ve just moved and are looking for a new place. The local realtor hands you a business card. You’ve never heard of personal shopping before but decide to call anyway. A few weeks later, you get together with your personal shopper—let’s call her Sally. She brings samples of what she found at area stores that would be good for your new place.

7) Party decorating/theme planning

A great way for a lady to make extra money is by starting her own business as a party decorator/theme planner. Not only are you able to make your own schedule and set your own prices, but you also get to meet new people every day.

8) Selling on eBay

If you’re an avid online shopper, it may be time to start a side business selling your stuff for others. Sites like eBay have hundreds of products and thousands of customers looking for things every day. It’s easy to set up your own storefront, and you can start small—with a $25 investment in some items to sell—or go big by spending more.

9) Starting a dropshipping business

A dropshipping in Small Business Ideas is a great way for ladies who don’t want to keep a lot of inventory on hand or struggle with fulfillment issues. By having a dropshipper store products for you and ship them directly from their warehouse when an order comes in, you can run your business from anywhere and put more money into advertising. Be sure you read up on what it takes to set up shop so that you can be as successful as possible.

10) Create your own online store

If you have products or services that you want to sell directly from your own site, this Small Business Ideas setting up an online store is one of many ways to get started. Online stores are typically inexpensive (or even free) and easy to set up using a platform such as Shopify. Etsy is another popular option for selling items created by independent crafters and artists.

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