PlayStation Stars Points Can Be Turned In for PlayStation Store Credit

An early look into the PlayStation Stars program in Japan reveals that points are able to be turned in for PlayStation Store credit.

The new PlayStation Stars loyalty program has begun its global rollout, and users are able to turn in their hard-earned points for PlayStation Store credit. Japan and Asia were the first regions to receive the program with access to the new PlayStation Stars app on Android and iOS.

PlayStation Stars launches on October 5 in the Americas, but users may access the loyalty program immediately with a Japanese PlayStation Store account. For example, TrueTrophies used a Japanese PlayStation Store account to enter the service on desktop and scan a QR code to download the mobile app. Since the Japanese PlayStation account did not have prior purchases, the user was assigned the “Level 1” rank upon signing in to PlayStation Stars. If the user makes purchases on the account, the PlayStation Stars level should eventually rise and points will be earned. These PlayStation Stars points may be redeemed for valuable PlayStation Store credit.


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PlayStation Store credit is available as a reward according to the Japanese mobile app for PlayStation Stars. 1,750 PlayStation Stars points are required for 700 yen, roughly five US dollars, in PlayStation Store credit. With 7,250 points, PlayStation Stars users may redeem 2,900 yen in credit, which is roughly 20 US dollars. Other PlayStation Stars rewards include digital collectibles based on classic PlayStation franchises such as Ape Escape and Doko Demo Issyo. Users may place the PlayStation Stars digital collectibles in a virtual display case within the mobile app.

Shuhei Yoshida, the current PlayStation Head of Indies at Sony Interactive Entertainment, was able to sign in to PlayStation Stars and show off the mobile app through his Twitter account. Yoshida is currently at level 2 in PlayStation Stars due to purchases made and reward campaigns completed. Additionally, Yoshida earned an Astro Bot digital collectible as a PlayStation Stars level 2 user. It’s unknown whether some collectibles will be exclusive to certain regions such as Japan, but users will learn soon when the global rollout is completed this month.

An early glimpse into the PlayStation Stars program shows plenty of rewards can be obtained by being a customer of PlayStation products and services such as PlayStation Plus. PlayStation Stars allows users to redeem these points for PlayStation Store credit just like its predecessor, Sony Rewards. It’s important for PlayStation to give valuable opportunities to its user base without stripping features such as credit redemption.

It’s ultimately up to PlayStation to update the PlayStation Stars program with worthwhile rewards and meaningful features, but PlayStation Store credit is one of the key incentives that could bring new users into the loyalty program for months and years to come.

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Source: TrueTrophies

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