Industrial Uses of Soil Microbes

Rapid increase in the population, industrialization, and so many human activities are all interrelated to each other and causing harm not only the environment but also the soil ecosystem too. Soil ecosystem comprises of various microorganisms, which may be beneficial or harmful to plants, soil, animals and human beings. Some microbes such as algae, bacteria, fungi, protozoans and mycorrhiza inhabiting soil are highly important for the living beings including humans.

These soil microbes carry out different biochemical reactions leading to beneficial products. The ability of soil microbes to decompose the organic waste is one of the major important uses. Beneficial soil microbes are being utilized in various chemical reactions in industries to produce the products, which can be directly used in the agriculture to increase the yield of the crops.

Indiscriminate use of fertilizer in soil, barren land, various pollutants present in atmosphere result unhealthy environment for the living beings. Using the soil microbes either modified or unmodified way may enhance the production of agriproducts and also cause healthy environment. The beneficial soil microorganisms as such or its product can be used in agriculture to get the better yield. This will be certainly beneficial to the farmers.

Sometimes a crazy idea also gives a new school of opinion. We have been emphasizing here about the soil microbes and their uses in the agriculture and we found that the information is scanty and scattered about the soil microbes and their uses. Thus students and researchers could not get all these information at one place. Therefore, we decided to come forward with a book entitled “Industrial Applications of Soil Microbes” which carries the latest information about the subject.

The editors will feel pleasure to receive the comments on the style and content of this volume for inclusion in further editions.

We hoped that the present book will be highly helpful to the students, academicians, scientists and entrepreneurs who are working in this field. Further it may provide the information to the crops growers giving some principle knowledge to enhance their crop productivity.

About the editors:

Ashutosh Gupta is working as Assistant Professor, Department of Agriculture Science, Faculty of Agriculture Science and Technology, AKS University, Satna, India. He has obtained his post-graduation in Agriculture Soil Science and Agriculture Chemistry from College of Agriculture, CS Azad University, Kanpur, India. He has more than Five years of teaching and research experience in soil science, agriculture microbiology and soil chemistry, plant-microbe-soil interactions as well as in environmental sciences. He is recipient of state fellowships at national levels. He is currently engaged in research on soil microbes and their characteristics in Indian soil.

Prof. Ms. Shampi Jain, an agricultural economist is presently working as Assistant Professor, Department of Agriculture Science, Faculty of Agriculture Science and Technology, AKS University, Satna, India. She completed graduate and postgraduate from Mahatma Gandhi Chitrakoot Gramodaya Vishwavidyalay; Chitrakoot, Satna, Madhya Pradesh, India. She is a gold medalist in postgraduate. She has a more than 3 years of teaching experience and has published research papers and written several articles for newspaper related to Agriculture Economics. She has attended four national and one International conference and three workshops related to her field. She has two authored books in her credit. She is also a member of professional societies related to Agricultural Economics.

Dr. Neeraj Verma, Ph.D. (Botany) with specialization in Botany (Plant Pathology) is working as Associate Professor, Department of Agriculture Science, Faculty of Agriculture Science and Technology, AKS University, Satna, India since 2012. Earlier he was Assistant Specialist (Plant Virology), University of California Riverside, Riverside, CA, USA. He has research and teaching experience of more than 20 years. He has published more than 45 International and National research papers and book chapters and has published two books. He has worked on various research projects funded by government agencies. He has attended many national and International conferences. He is an editor and reviewer of several professional journals.


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