Viewpoint: Will King Charles abandon his kooky ideas about agriculture and help accelerate Britain’s embrace of sustainable biotechnology tools?

Eengland is in crisis. They lost a beloved figurehead this month but for decades prior were losing scientific ground. If you look for the home of the modern organic food and anti-vaccine movements, you find their nexus in 1990s England. The primary royal behind those beliefs is now King Charles III. In order to manage … Read more

Bayer Crop divests environmental science biz for Rs 111.1 crore

Bayer Cropscience said that its board has approved the sale of its Environmental Science Business to 2022 ES Discovery India on a slump sale basis, for a consideration of Rs 111.1 crore. The company’s Environmental Science Business offers solutions to control pests, diseases and weeds in non-agricultural areas such as vector control and professional pest … Read more

USDA funds $1.9M of next stage in genome-to-phenome collaboration | Nebraska Today

A transdisciplinary collaboration genetic science to the study of crop and animal traits, or phenotypes, has received a new $1.9 million funding installment from the US Department of Agriculture’s National Institute of Food and Agriculture. The University of Nebraska–Lincoln is one of three universities taking lead roles in the multi-institutional Agricultural Genome to Phenome Initiative. … Read more